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Animals I Like More Than Cats

September 11, 2004

Dogs, squirrels, falcons, lemurs, sloths (of all kinds), wolves, giraffes, aurochs, hippos, wildebeasts, deer, marmots, ferrets, racoons, bears, salmon, geckos, bats, frogs, chinchillas, coyotes, dingos, bison, hyenas, cows, horses, mules and assorted asses, most whales, seals, sea lions, sea otters, minks, howler monkeys, the overlooked aardwolf, wolverines, tazmanian devils, kangaroos, wallabees, antelope, hedgehogs.

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  1. September 13, 2004 12:12 am

    Matty…..that’s just Catist. I’m so dissappointed. Some cats can be really cool. Like Keeley. She’s a combination attack cat/rescue cat. If you were ever in danger or buried under 8 feet of snow…I think you’d regret this post….


  2. Mark permalink
    September 13, 2004 12:31 am

    First of all…. I want to applaud you Matt for getting “aardwolf” in a post…. he knows how much I feel that animal has indeedbeen neglected over the years due to his more famous cousin, “Varky” .

    Secondly, I want to know why we never got round to our college dream of having a chinchilla when we lived together in college.

    Thirdly, I want to know what our chinchilla’s name would have been, should we not have been members of the Procrastination Club”

    And fourthly, Lori… Keeley’s great, but she used to unabashedly hiss at my defenseless self whenever you got out of bed and left the room….there’s a lot you don’t know about that felion…. she’s shady.

  3. Matt permalink
    September 13, 2004 6:53 am

    Well, I guess that tiger from He-Man was pretty cool…

  4. Mark permalink
    September 13, 2004 9:56 am

    So werid, I literally conaidred making a “Battle Cat” reference then backed away…then sure enough here you go referencing it. God we rule. 😛

  5. September 13, 2004 10:10 am

    And, I mean, think about all the villains who had cats. Gargamel. That dude from Inspector Gadget. What was his name? Dr. Evil. I bet Genghis Khan had a cat.

  6. September 14, 2004 10:35 pm

    Keeley would NEVER hiss at you, Mark. She LOVED you! I can’t believe you are making up slanderous (libelous?) stories about a sweet little calico ball of purring bliss. So low. So very low, Mark.

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