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Could Have Died, Gilbert, Could Have Died

August 26, 2004

I had a brush with death this afternoon.

So there I was, writing during lunch in my secret writing location. It was nice out, if a bit hot, so I had my window rolled down to enjoy the day.

I was sitting there, pondering a scene I was writing that involved a slingstone. Yes, the kind that took down Goliath. Little tiny rock hurled from a leather sling at several hundred miles per hour. The inhabitants of the Balearic Islands were naturals with slings, for some reason. I guess out of boredom. They got very good, and very accurate.

But I digress.

There I was, thinking about slingstones, when this small, dark shape zips past me about an inch from my face and slams into my passenger window.

Oh no, someones slinging stones at me!

Well, I panicked. Its not every day something shoots past your face like that. But after a second I calm down. And then, I realize maybe its a wasp. I’ve had wasps fly into vehicles before, and its not fun. Why can’t stinging insects just not join you in confined spaces? Have they no decency?

But no, it wasn’t a wasp. Or a hornet. It was a hummingbird. Yes. A friggin’ hummingbird flew into my car. And it wasn’t happy to be there, either. Thankfully, I acted quickly, and rolled down the remainder of my windows before it stabbed me in the eye with its freakish beak and hovering ability.


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