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Things that Have Always Bugged Me

August 15, 2004

Okay. Maybe not always. But for some time now.

1) Why can’t journalists just let Watergate die? I mean honestly, its like that car salesman who can never get over his years as captain of the baseball team in high school. And somehow, everything relates. Zippergate? Plamegate? How about aggravate? Yes, Nixon resigned. You know what, though? Watergate it still a dreadfully boring chunk of political history, and was coincidentally the even that pretty much gave us our modern media (which, like a swarm of locusts, pretty much destroys everything it touches). Get over it.

2) Posiedon/Neptune. I can’t figure this guy out. How can you be the god of the sea, and the god of horses? What gives? Seahorses I could understand. You have some other offbeat combinations – Artemis being the goddess of the hunt and the moon – but at least they somewhat correlate. The sea and horses? Huh?

3) I have to nod to Mark for this one, but where do moths go during the day? Do they fly towards the sun?

4) Who buys those mint green and chartreuse colored cars? Do they do it on purpose? Are they colorblind? Do they get a discount or something?

5) Mosquitos. And wasps. Actually, just about any insect that can fly and inflict pain.

6) The Atkins Diet. I’m sorry, but any diet that encourages replacing chips with pork rinds has a fatal flaw somewhere.

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  1. Mark permalink
    August 16, 2004 2:46 pm

    If I had a moth for a pet, I’d name it Icarus.

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