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Calling Pete Rose…

August 15, 2004

Things like this, they really just can’t be made up. This is almost as good as the time the Cambodian president encouraged his people to eat more dog.

115 Accused of Gambling on Insect Fights

HONG KONG – Hong Kong police arrested 115 men for illegally gambling on insect fights on Sunday in the same building that housed a cricket lovers’ association, a police spokesman said.

Police seized about 300 crickets and $1,025 in cash during the bust, said police spokesman T.K. Ng.

The alleged bug gamblers remained in custody Sunday, but weren’t immediately charged, Ng said. Illegal gambling carries a maximum penalty of $1,280 and three months’ imprisonment.

I hate to ask, but it has to be done. What? Gambling on cricket fights? I didn’t even know crickets fought? I thought they just chirped and got eaten by every two-bit predator out there, from geckos to bats to the family dachsund. And what the hell is a cricket lovers’ association?

I thought Austin was a strange place to live…

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