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Seven Days

August 12, 2004

Yes, I realize that it has been a full week since I’ve posted anything up. I apologize, but life has been hectic and times have been trying lately. But, alas, I figured I owe everyone a quick update.

– Since really getting going on the rewrite last Wednesday, I’ve torn into thirty pages of Chapter XII. The Resistance is still with me, but thankfully so is the writing. And I’m far happier with what I’ve got this time.

– Even though I took off at the end of last week, work has been crazy busy.

– For a variety of reasons, the main being cost, customer service, and ‘because I can’, I’m switing wireless carriers from AT&T Wireless to T-Mobile. In a tech-saavy binge, I ordered my new phone and wireless plan from, of all places. No clutzy salespeople, no lines at the retail location, and a $150 rebate on the phone were too good to pass up. Never fear, thanks to wireless number portability, I won’t be losing my existing cell number. For a few days next week, however, it may be out of commission. I will send out an e-mail to the pertinent parties with an alternate number, however.

– I conquered the Hill of Despair.

– I also learned that Jamie has never seen “The Princess Bride”. This was, well, beyond my understanding. I’m moving to alleviate the situation, but am meeting with resistance.

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