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Loss for Words

July 27, 2004

Leave it to the fine folks at Mini to always keep things interesting. Whether its putting stickers for your car in magazine ads or designing a rally game for their website, they always seem to have something up their sleeves. But this latest…I don’t even know what to call it…of theirs, well, it is just weird. And kinda cool. Weird and kinda cool, yeah.

Yes, at Mini USA, you can now configure your own…get this…Mini Robot!

You’re probably thinking “huh?”. Well, so was I. And I still am. But its cool, because who doesn’t like giant robots made out of cars? After all, that’s what the Transformers are all about.

Say, you don’t think Mini’s angling to get one of their cars into the upcoming Transformers movie? (Speaking of which…my goodness can you imagine the bickering over product placement? Will Optimus Prime become a Ford F-150?). Might it be that they want to have Bumblebee transform into a Mini, rather than the standard old Volkswagen Beetle?

Here’s my robot (click on picture to bring up a larger image):


Build your own at Mini USA.

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  1. Kay permalink
    July 27, 2004 10:49 pm

    The Mini intro is pretty cool. Did you build a Cooper or Cooper S?

  2. Matt permalink
    July 28, 2004 7:44 am

    Cooper S. You can tell by the hood scoop.

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