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Is This the Fifth or the Sixth Seal?

June 30, 2004

Well, apparently I was asleep throughout February, and missed the media frenzy surrounding Barbie’s breakup with Ken.

Now, in some prepubescent 21st-century Love Connection, more than two million visitors to Barbie’s website have chosen her rebound for her, an Aussie by the name of Blaine. Now, forgetting the obvious issues of assigning a nationality to a painted piece of plastic (if they make one that talks, it had better say things like “Bonzer!”), I have several issues to raise.

1) What, exactly was wrong with Ken?

2) What right does a toy company have to trample on the imaginations of millions of little girls?

3) What does this whole fiasco say about the world we live in?

4) What’s next, a conscientious objector G.I. Joe?

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