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False Start

June 21, 2004

Chapter XI got off to a very rocky start last night. Seven pages of, honestly, trash. The problem, I think, is that I was trying to go in two different directions at once.

Thanks to Jamie’s thoughts (that’s right, she actually talked to me about the book!), and my own ruminations, I think I’ve found an ideal solution.

At issue is how I manage to cram the military preparations for 216 B.C. into the story. Most of the legions raised for the year, and even the men leading them, never show up in the story (long enough as it is!). Nevertheless, they have an impact in the following chapters, and their dispositions must be at least mentioned here or else they will seem conjured out of thin air later. But who really wants to read “[insert name] was to be sent to [insert place] at the head of [insert number] legions” over and over again?

Well, I was trying to fit that extremely fascinating information into the chapter’s first section, an exchange between Scipio and his father-in-law. But it muddies the scene too much. So it’ll go later, to a more fitting place within the chapter.

My little dilemma solved, I’ll be restarting Chapter XI tonight.

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