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About Time!

June 18, 2004

Twenty-one days unquestionably exceeds my chapter-writing average of seventeen days, but I suppose that extra time can be explained away by my trip to the Bahamas, which obviously interefered with the writing schedule.

Anyway, long though it may have taken, Chapter X was at last completed last night. Scipio and Aemilia are now married, the consuls for 216 are now elected, and the characters are moving closer towards the climactic events of Chapter XII.

Between the two, however, Chapter XI must be written.

Usually, there is about a week’s lag between chapters, as research must be done, outlines must be drafted and redrafted, etc. Not so with Chapter XI! Nope, work begins on it tonight.

See, Chapter XI is a curious case. Four months pass between the end of Chapter X and the beginning of Chapter XII, with very few events of note. So, from that perspective, there was little true research that had to be done. Mostly, I have to get my characters from where they are to where they need to be (phsyically and mentally), and much of that was already worked out in my head.

“Whoopdee friggin’ do!” you say. “Where the hell’s Chapter X? I want to read it!”

Umm, yeah. Due to the death of the USB drive #3, there’s been something of a setback in the manuscript typing. But, I’ve made my way through page 24 of 70, so there has been progress. Next week, sometime, I expect Chapter X will be ready to be sent out to those wishing to read it.

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