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Just Now

April 14, 2004

Me. Sitting in my chair, messing about on my laptop.

Meg. Across the living room, perched regally upon her ottoman (the furniture, not the empire).

I notice Meg staring at me, and say “Meg!”. Her tail wags.

I say “Come here, Meg!”. Her tail wags.

I pat my leg. She stands up and drops her head to the ground. That’s her “I want to play” move. Her butt starts wiggling, tail starts flying.

I pat my leg again. “Come here, Meg!”

In her enthusiasm, Meg backpedals…right off the ottoman. Her fall is somewhat lacking in regal bearing.

Laugther from the human.

Dirty, “I can’t believe somebody witnessed that” glare from the dainty little dachsund, who promptly runs outside to pick a fight with an innocent yellow lab. Sounds of play (weird, high pitched growls and yips) waft in from backyard.

Sam saunters in, stares at me, as if to ask “what did you do?”

I shrug.

Sam does something goofy with his ears, which I guess is kind of a shrug, and then wanders back outside.

Ah, life with three dogs.

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