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A Look Ahead

April 5, 2004

My New Year’s Resolution was simple yet audacious. I wanted to complete the first draft of The Scourge of Rome before January 1, 2005.

To see how I am progressing, I took an in-depth look at my work thus far, and made a few bold predictions. The skinny:

– Since January 1, I have completed three entire chapters. I have finished off a fourth, and am nearly completed with a fifth.

– To date, I have six completed chapters, not counting the prologue.

– On average, it takes me 15.67 days to write a chapter. The mean length of my chapters is 33 pages.

– Giving myself between twenty-one and thirty days to complete a chapter, plus several days in between for research and planning (and a vacation to the Bahamas!), I should comfortably attain my goal.

Since I am doing so well, I have decided to lay a few more goals at my feet. If I don’t make these, it’s no biggie, but they are something to focus on and work towards, at least.

Goal #1 – Complete Chapters VIII and IX before said Bahamas vacation (May 28).

Goal #2 – Complete entire rough draft before Thanksgiving.

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