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April 2, 2004

The Scourge of Rome is the first of what will be a four-novel series covering the whole span of the Second Punic War. Even as I write it, I do spend the odd moments thinking about the next three, and the overall architecture of the tetralogy. Perhaps the most difficult obstacle I’m facing is deciding where exactly to break off the narrative with each of them.

However, while I was out walking Sam this morning, I stumbled upon pretty much when and how I plan to end The Scourge of Rome. How to tie up events in Spain as well as Italy (and believe me, by the end of the book there will be a LOT to tie up).

Furthermore, I’ve decided upon the exact scene that will bring the first book to a close. Given the way the story progresses, I’m very happy with it. It will be a small moment, but thematically very important.

More writing tonight.

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